Duration: 3 months
Assessment: Diploma

Today mobile devices are becoming an essential tool in many industries from healthcare to entertainment and are widely used from marketing to teaching. The number of applications that carry these devices is growing rapidly. Employees from different industries are already clear that in order to reach high levels, they need to be more present in the field of mobile phones.
These are some of the reasons we are coming this year with a new program in this field: Smartphone Technician.

In this program, the student will acquire the necessary skills related to software applications which are found in mobile devices. You will receive technical training, which will teach you the different languages ​​needed to program mobile platforms as well as to equip you with theoretical knowledge that will help you make the right decisions during the development process.

This course is mainly useful for those students who have knowledge of some programming languages, such as: JAVA or C ++, who want to apply their knowledge in the field of application development.
The number of applications carrying these devices is growing rapidly. During the course we will address some essential concepts for developing good programming practices. We will examine in detail the development process for mobile applications, the technical aspects which create independence from the platform as well as the key points to create and use the surface design. The course will address all the concepts along with some practical applications.