If today each of us seeks the best for the education and training, especially of our children, then we must face the most advanced forms of cultural and scientific expression; we need to deepen our knowledge.

Today, with the frequent use of the word “expansion” I believe that first of all we need an expansion of thought. This can only be done in a school where teaching strategies are based on modern curricula, textbooks and methods, which best serve our students.

The Harry Fultz Institute, through academic goals and expectations, offers all the possibilities for you to become part of an academic environment: a consolidated system, an interweaving of academic and technical preparation, a close connection of theory with practice and everything else led by a specialized pedagogical staff at home and abroad, dedicated and ready for a creative contemporary methodological work. In this sense, we mention modern logistics, rich library, gym and relaxing environments, friendly communication and a cultured social life — a whole campus where learning and fun form a perfect harmony.