Today all over the world the trend of using hybrid cars is growing rapidly, as their efficiency is maximal and it is understood that everyone intends to spend exactly as little as possible and at the same time ensure that environmental pollution is as minimal as possible.

The program aims to provide theoretical and practical knowledge exactly for these types of cars known as hybrids, ie: cars that are supplied with fuel (like traditional cars) and electricity that is obtained during braking.

The purpose of this program is to enable students to recognize, diagnose and repair hybrid cars, thus ensuring their rapid employment, as it is known that in the labor market in Albania these skills are currently lacking.

The medical devices that are entering Albania are the “last word” devices of science. They are widely used in our health system alongside medical devices of earlier generations. It is necessary to provide a generation of specialists with good theoretical and practical skills to be employed in this very vital sector for the country. Our labor market has significant shortcomings of this generation of technicians who have the ability and competence to repair these devices. This is the reason why our College has opened this short-term course that aims precisely at the practical training of young people who will meet these market needs for this profession.

SAP is the programming language that is at the heart of the information technology revolution today. As a leader in the software application market, SAP helps businesses / organizations combat the damaging effects of complexity and generate new opportunities for growth and innovation, and even to be at the forefront of competition. SAP software provides companies with powerful tools to manage finance, logistics, human resources or other important areas of business management. SAP are software programs for businesses that operate software systems. The company builds software that is specifically designed to improve business functions. They provide business software for receptions, customer service, as well as programs for human resource management or equipment inventory.

ABAP is a programming language developed by SAP AG. The term ABAP stands for the initials German words Allgemeiner Prozessor Berichts Aufbereitungs, meaning “General Processor for the Preparation of Reports”.

Digital marketing is a term that means marketing products or services through digital technology, mainly the internet. This marketing can also be realized through television advertising, mobile device or any other digital medium. In Albania, in recent years online marketing comes as a novelty and almost all businesses have begun to take advantage of online marketing which serves to increase visibility both online and offline.

The advantages of digital marketing are many but among the most important are: speed of information dissemination (real time), minimal or zero cost, very high outreach, which means it is accessible by millions of people around the world. Today all over the world this type of marketing is finding an increasing use and is setting extraordinary records

The “LINUX Specialist” program is conceived as an alternative program to the IT Specialist program for students interested in starting a career in IT such as Linux Sysadmin. The course is suitable for students who have a consolidated basic knowledge of information systems and familiarize them in the first 48 hours with Linux systems. Then the module of connecting Linux servers to the network and that of security in Linux systems make possible the deeper knowledge of Linux systems. These modules have some critical topics that are necessary to know before a student takes on a job like Linux Sysadmin.

The purpose of the program is to introduce students to the art and science of photography, in order to prepare them for the job market, to be self-employed or to be employed as professional photographers in companies such as news agencies, magazine editors, shops, photography offices, bridal agencies, hotel and cruise lines, or other. For this reason, students gain knowledge about the use of digital and analog cameras, in order not only to spread photography as a passion, but also as a profession. The program contains explanation of literature in the classroom, internships in real studios, design and commentary of photos by the instructors, encouragement of critical thinking, debate hours with professionals, photo exhibitions, internships in artistic events, sports activities, fashion shows, businesses such as hotels , bars, restaurants, etc.