• Realization of the potential of the individual and further development of this potential
  • the advancement of society through the training of citizens for active involvement in the exercise and development of democracy
  • the well-being of the free market economy through the training of the labor force to cope with high rates of economic growth and technological development

The curriculum in the new gymnasium is organized in:

  • Core curriculum
  • Elective curricula.

The core curriculum is compulsory and the same for all students.

The list of compulsory electives approved by the school and preferred by the student gives priority to:

  • Advanced Mathematics.
  • Advanced ICT.
  • AutoCAD and technical drawing.
  • Design theory with its applications.

This organization enables students a complete and updated general education.

Experience shows that a complete teaching base makes students more proficient in every branch of high school. This variety of choices offers students the opportunity to successfully cope with change and adapt to the elective curriculum as well as the possibility of a narrow specialization of them.

The high school curriculum aims to equip each student with knowledge, skills and attitudes that make them possible:

  • University Studies with a wide range of choices;
  • Recognize his responsibilities to himself and fulfill them;
  • Make his successful economic choices;
  • Make his successful career choices;
  • To help society;
  • To assist in the economic and public development of the country;