As a graduate of the Harry Fultz Institute, you automatically become part of the large and diverse family of over 5,000 graduates, scattered around the world today. The Harry Fultz Institute, through the ALUMNI office, enables you to renew contacts with your former classmates, colleagues and the vast network of professionals around the world. Therefore, today we encourage you.

Show your pride

To realize quality and sustainable education of students according to European and world standards, to equip them with high academic knowledge, to prepare them in the field of independent scientific research, to become citizens who contribute to the continuous development of society.

Keep in touch

There are many ways to maintain connections with student life at the Harry Fultz Institute. You can volunteer to lead and advise various groups, you can become part of the teaching staff, you can run a seminar, organize an event, give a message or even run an Alumni network. There is plenty of room to contribute, so volunteer today!



Honor, respect, citizenship, courage to challenge, perfection and pride!


Strengthen our ties
and to preserve the tradition!



To be a model in the wide network ALUMNI HFI!

HFI Alumni, except Albania,
has marked the traces of life around the world:
USA, Canada, Europe.