At the end of vocational education in the field of “Business”, the student will possess the following general key skills:

  • Communicate correctly in writing and orally to express their opinions, to argue opinions on various issues.
  • Use different sources and techniques to collect and use the information needed for his personal and professional development.
  • Encourage its internal potential in the constant search for new, more effective and efficient solutions.
  • To manifest courage and entrepreneurial and managerial skills for his future.
  • Respect the principles of teamwork and actively cooperate in achieving the accepted objectives.

Professional skills of students at the end of vocational education in the direction of “Business”

  • Develop a business plan for various forms of business such as: self-ownership, co-ownership, manufacturing and trading corporation.
  • Evaluate the results of the financial statements (balance sheet, income statement) as a measure of the company’s success. Evaluate cost calculations, in order to effectively manage human, material and financial resources.
  • Analyze a complex balance sheet and participate in business decision making.
  • Implement the legal basis that refers to professional activities in business. Analyze the rights and obligations that providers and consumers must implement in business.
  • Possess the technical standards of the profession.
  • Use e-mail effectively and quickly find specific information online.
  • To write very well the official correspondence in English.
  • Apply the principles of ethics during professional activities.
  • Analyze the market (product market, demand, supply and customer behavior).
  • Analyze micro and macroeconomic effects on business.
  • Use information and communication technology for professional purposes, the relevant computer program for managing the activity in the enterprise.

Opportunities for employment and further education at the end of vocational education in “Business”

  • Successful completion of vocational education, business management and specialization in the branches: finance, accounting, marketing and management, equips the student with the certificate of qualified professional employee. This vocational education gives the student the opportunity to address the labor market as a qualified secondary worker to be employed in various economic units, to carry out activities related to the field of economics and business.
  • At the end of this qualification, the student has the opportunity to continue his education at the level of university studies.