Harry Fultz Community College was established in March 1995. We offer training courses for companies, private and state institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations according to their requirements (Tailor Made Courses). Here we can mention the courses organized for companies and organizations such as: ANTA, Lufthansa, Electro-Medical Plant, American Bank of Albania, Ministry of Justice, Tirana District Court, Lezha District Court and in recent years courses organized for: Bank of Albania, PRIMO, Vodafone, Institute of Seismology, Credins Bank, Albtelekom… etc.

Since October 2000, Harry Fultz Community College has been a member of the American Association of Community Colleges, which supports us to reach high levels comparable to other American colleges that are members of this association.

The college, already equipped with modern infrastructure and technology according to world standards, offers training courses in the field of information technology, business, foreign languages ​​and applied techniques. In February 2006 Harry Fultz Community College was licensed as a Testing Center by ETS .

(International Testing Center). At the end of courses or programs students are provided with certificates or diplomas which are recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

These years we are already affirmed in staff training of leading companies in the fields: Information Technology; Foreign Languages and Applied Techniques.

Some of the main companies with which we have cooperated these years are: Bank of Albania, Credins Bank, BKT, Intesa San Paolo, Union Bank with telephone companies such as: VODAFONE, AlbTelekom… etc.