HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Duration: 3 months
Structure: 1 semester
Frequency: 4 days a week
Curriculum: 100 hours
Assessment: DIPLOMA

This program provides basic knowledge in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in residential and industrial buildings in line with changes and advances in science and technology. Changes in the field of production, the introduction of new equipment, has affected the way the design and implementation of installations.
The program is divided into three main parts:
Heating of apartments
Air conditioning

In this program will be treated in particular, the energy required for heating buildings and air parameters, simple diagrams for air processing processes in refrigeration machines that serve to cool the air.
The following will explain the most popular heating systems nowadays. The program will provide in more detail the heating with individual boilers for residential apartments as well as knowledge related to central boilers and heat distribution throughout the apartments.
In the ventilation part, knowledge will be given about natural ventilation, thermal comfort, mechanical ventilation systems, air conditioning system with fan convectors and the Split system.

This program will provide simple examples for solving concrete heating, ventilation and air conditioning tasks. At the end of it, the necessary tables, diagrams and schemes for solving the simplified design tasks will be given.