Duration: 3 months
Structure: 1 semester
Frequency: 4 days a week
Curriculum: 100 hours

Assessment: DIPLOMA

Programs include:
Computer Architecture
Diagnosis and Repair

The long-term “Computer Technician” program equips students with the skills, knowledge and knowledge to become a professional technician in the field of computer networking. During the program, students will be introduced to the language of electronics and programming. At the same time, they will become familiar with computer hardware and operating systems. Later they will deepen their studies in computer networks by working with different platforms “hardware”, protocol and server. Emphasis will be placed on computer network security. Students will not only develop their interpersonal skills in individual and group work, but will also gain work experience by practicing professionally in this field which will be finalized with a final project that will take place at the end of the program. Computer technicians work in small and large organizations. Their function includes the installation of software and applications in computer systems. Students will be prepared to work as a group member, analyzing, installing, updating, caring for systems, and solving computer network problems.