Why administer computer networks?
Nowadays they require a thorough knowledge of computer systems. This program gives you the opportunity to be trained in four different areas in which the student will be equipped with specific knowledge: Communication: To plan, define, design, develop, coordinate and implement the communication system. Recognize “troubleshooting” or the solution of problem, diagnosing and finding the best way to give the right solution efficiently. Understand software, hardware and systems properly. To be informed constantly on communication technology and systems; Networking: To perform network management functions. Familiarize yourself with networking hardware and software and communication. To know the operating systems and specific methods of communication;

Coordinate computer networking services, provide technical support; evelopment: Te develop computer network communication and strategy. To explore new technologies meet customer needs, analyze prices, develop projects for projects communicating, installing and coordinating the installation of equipment Teaching structure of the 6-month program.

-Semester I: Web Page Programming, Windows 7, Computer Architecture, Web Page Design, Windows Server 2008, Cabling.

-Semester II: Theory on Computer Networks (LAN / WAN), Windows server 2008 (Network Infrastructure), Windows 2008 (Active Directory), Linux (Unix) and Network Administration, CISCO (I), Telephone.

Every student who studies in the long-term 6-month program “Network Administration”, has right to continue further specializations in one of the 3 months directions: Network PRO, IT Specialist and Cisco Network. All qualifications are protected by a recognized DIPLOMA by the Ministry of Labor, Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

– Network administration PRO (3-month program)
Subjects : Exchange Email Server, Power shell scripting, Firewalls and security
– IT Specialist (3-month program) Subjects: SQL Server Database Administrator, C sharp, PHP.