Mobile Programming

Duration: 3 months

Evaluation: Diploma

Employees from different industries are already clear that in order to reach high levels, they need to be more present in the field of mobile phones. Software applications are already being downloaded
well-suited to our mobile devices, greatly questioning their developers who create applications for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad), Android devices (mobile and tablets), as well as Blackberry.

In this program, the student will acquire the necessary skills related to software applications which are found in mobile devices. You will benefit technical training, which will teach you the different languages ​​needed to program mobile platforms as well as provide you with theoretical knowledge that will help you make the right decisions during the development process. Courses: Mobile device programming concepts, Introduction to programing, Android programming I, Android programming II, Introduction to iOS and Objective – C, iOS 8 Programming I, iOS 8 Programming II