Duration: 3 months
Structure: 1 semester
Frequency: 4 days a week
Curriculum: 100 hours
Assessment: DIPLOMA

The program contains:
SQL Server Database Administrator
C sharp

About this course:
• IT Professional provides solid information and knowledge on today’s technology issues. To meet the challenges and to have a flexible business, IT managers and its technicians, tend to approach the best professional solutions that come from professional training in this field.
• IT Professional – is a long-term program designed for all those who seek to improve knowledge in the field of information technology, equipping themselves with the necessary technical skills to start a career in this field.
• This program covers the basics of computer technology, installation and configuration of computers, laptops, hardware and software administration. At the same time students explore different operating systems, mastering all the installation and troubleshooting processes.
• The knowledge gained during this program, enables the student to undergo tests CompTIA + Certification Exams, CISCO (CCNA & CCNP)