Academic preparation for university – it is not too early to prepare for higher studies

  • Select the appropriate field
  • Practice in the right subjects
  • Practice study schedules
  • Work and improve your writing skills
  • Schedule university elections
  • Take successful steps in high school
  • Search for scholarships and scholarships
  • Download application forms and templates online
  • Get ongoing information at the Counseling Office



  • Consultation and orientation towards higher studies (information for universities inside and outside the country, application conditions, deadlines, preparatory tests, etc.)
  • Career counseling (counseling / guidance / information / guidance)
  • Life preparation (individual counseling)

With us, you will get answers to questions:

  • What is the right career for me?
  • How to choose the field of study?
  • How to explore more about career?
  • How to apply for university?
  • How do I get information?