Why car service?
The car service training program offers the best way to prepare with
efficiency in this area. This program will offer very good technical, mechanical opportunities and computer to diagnose and solve problems by further deepening knowledge electronic and mechanical. Work as a technician and mechanic in the automotive service has evolved from a mechanical job to a high-tech job. So today, these workers are known as technicians or mechanics of this field. Today with the integration of electronic systems and computer can be done to measure a more accurate automobile performance.

– Automotive-Elektroauto
The teaching structure of the 9-month program:

Semester I: Introduction to Automobiles, Automotive Work Processes and Customer Service, Safety Equipment & Service Maintenance, Tools, Work & Power Equipment, Basics electrical and electronics, Information retention and storage, Computer skills.

Semester II: Advanced Electrical / Electronics, Vehicle Body and Accessories.

– Car Service – Motorist
Courses: General engine repair, Control of engine parameters and
setting the optimal state.

– Car service – Car electronics
Subjects: Safety, tools and equipment, Automotive service and automotive physics, Accurate fasteners and measurement, Successful sales conversation and successful technician.

– Car service – Air conditioning
Subjects: Introduction to air conditioning, Diagnosis of heating system, ventilation and air conditioning, Air conditioning technical control system.

– Electrical Specialist (4 months)