Ledio Bërdëllima, third year student, electronic branch, was awarded First Place in National Olympiad in informatics.

It is not the first time that our students are winners in different Olympiads. In the National Olympiad, Ledio Berdellima, third year student, won the First Place. Many high school students participated in the Olympiad organized at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Minister of Education, Mr. Myqerem Tafaj, who greeted the activity, stressed out that the Albanian youth choose branches required by labor market. “Undergraduate programs in Albania will orient more to the application for branches offered by labor market. Natural Sciences are mathematics, informatics, as well as economics, business, tourism etc,”-Mr.Tafaj stressed out. Official data show that in our country, instead, there are few people who choose branches of natural sciences, though labor market needs these professions.

In order to respond to market demands today, choose us, choose “Harry Fultz “ School with respective branches: Electronics, Business, Auto-Mechanics; and for those who are looking for a general high school choose us!